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Essential Information

Working Together

Home From Home Children’s Day Nursery believes in building a partnership with parents/carers that is based on mutual respect and a shared responsibility in ensuring each individual child feels secure, cared for, happy, healthy and flourishes.


We provide information relating to our philosophy, along with opening times, activities offered,    fees, staff/child ratios and staff qualifications.


We strive to build a partnership with our parents/carers based on mutual trust, understanding and respect.


We aim to ensure that your child's meals and  snacks are nutritious, healthy and freshly prepared. 

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Nutrition & Mealtimes

Home From Home Children's Day Nursery is fully licensed and regulated by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW). By clicking the 'Home From Home Children's Day Nursery Ltd' link on the left you can read our inspection report.